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Business activities at EKVAS – destinations

The main objectives of the South Karelia Recreation Area Foundation are to ensure the sustainability of nature tourism and to maintain and develop the operating environment of the destinations. We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to use the recreation sites of the South Karelia Recreation Area Foundation in their business activities through a cooperation agreement or a one-off user fee. In return for a cooperation agreement, the recreation area foundation’s camping facilities (including toilets, barbecue shelters and firewood) are available to the service provider for an indefinite period. However, a cooperation agreement does not mean that the site is reserved for private use, as our sites are always open to other campers.

Companies that occasionally conduct business at the Recreation Area Foundation’s sites are charged a per-customer and per-day use fee of €2.00/customer/day (incl. VAT 24%). We also offer companies a cooperation agreement that entitles them to use our camping sites for an indefinite period. The one-off cooperation agreement fee is €60 + VAT 24%, plus a per-customer and per-day fee of €1.50 per customer per day (incl. VAT 24%). The daily fees are paid either immediately after the visit via MobilePay or in full at the end of the season by bank transfer:

If you use our recreation areas and sites repeatedly in your business and are interested in a cooperation agreement, please contact us at

Group Visits to EKVAS – sites

Please notify us in advance of each group visit to a South Karelia Recreation Foundation site. The notification policy will help to monitor the maintenance needs of the sites and possibly avoid overlaps and congestion. The notification process takes about 5 minutes. You will receive a confirmation email once we have processed the notification. At the same time, we will provide you with instructions on how to use the area and payment instructions for business operators.

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