Siirry pääsisältöön

Kotatents and saunatents

The use of tents and other campers’ own campfire shelters and similar facilities is restricted in recreational areas.

The use of a tent fireplace or other campfire is permitted only in the following areas of the Recreation Area Foundation. The permitted areas are marked with a red circle on the map.

Ruuhonsaaret – outside the port of call

Hietasaari – harbour area

Huuhanranta – east of the beach

Päihäniemi – eastern part of the beach

Rastinniemi – on the eastern shore, at least 100 m from the tip of the headland

Guidelines and rules:

Some fireplaces are designed to be similar to open fires, and extreme caution and the relevant regulations and instructions must be followed. During a wildfire warning, all fires are prohibited in recreational areas.

Read more about fire safety on the Rescue Services page.