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Virkistysaluesäätiö is a provincial organisation for the development of nature recreation and camping in South Karelia. In the Saimaa region, the Foundation maintains harbours and recreation areas. The destinations and recreation areas are intended for all residents of the province, and tourists are also welcome to enjoy the diverse nature and beautiful landscapes of South Karelia.

The Foundation owns around 200 ha of land in 13 different locations. Of these, 9 sites are located on the Saimaa River, 2 on the Hiitolanjoki in Rautjärvi and 2 on the Pien-Rautjärvi in Parikkala. In addition, the Recreation Area Foundation maintains recreational sites on a contractual basis in Lappeenranta, Savitaipale, Lemi and Ruokolahti.

Etelä-Karjalan virkistysaluesäätiö sr
Esterinkatu 11
55100 Imatra
virkistysaluesaatio [at]
Business ID: 0835048-6

Marja Kurkaa

Marja Kurkaa

Recreation Area Coordinator
marja.kurkaa [at]
+358 40 732 4670