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Boater’s instructions and use of saunas

When moving on a boat, it is necessary to know at least the basic rules for your own safety and that of others – just like in road traffic, but the risks and also the rules are different on the water. Careful equipment, gaining experience and becoming familiar with the rules of the sea routes are part of a safe boating culture.


NOTE! Are you familiar with the diving flag?


The use of ports is based on the boaters’ own initiative and working together. It is important to consider other boaters.


Sauna and area fees

Some ports have a sauna. Reservation lists for sauna shifts can be found at the saunas.

Sauna and pier fees are collected from users to cover the costs of firewood maintenance at excursion ports. The payment can be made with the MobilePay application or by bank transfer to the recreation area foundation’s bank account FI78 5094 0020 1804 99.

MobilePay IDs for saunas

Satamosaari, both saunas 49493
Ruuhonsaari (Ruha) 85534
(Hietasaari 11172, currently no sauna)

Other payment to South Karelia recreation area foundation 52856

If you didn’t remember to pay when you visited the island or if you visit the foundation’s excursion ports several times during the season, you can make the payment afterwards.

Sauna Shifts

Reservation times: You can reserve the sauna for one hour for your own use between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The reservation lists are at the saunas. Booking shift is €15/hour.

From 18:00 to 22:00 the saunas have general shifts for women and men as follows:

Satamo’s old sauna (pier sauna) and Ruuhonsaari: women 18-20, men 20-22.
At Satamo’s new sauna (sandbank sauna): men 18-20, women 20-22.

This is how you operate in the sauna at the port

Page updated 4.5.2023.