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Welcome to explore the beautiful nature of South Karelia

South Karelia invites you to experience the diverse nature and the centuries-old history of the border area.

Excursion to South Karelia!

The green nature and the bustling history invite you to a memorable trip to South Karelia. There is an easy access to nearby destinations, island destinations and longer hiking trails.

Check out the routes and excursion spots!

Bikeferry M/S Rasti and Island Tours

The Saimaa Archipelago Cycling route, which revolves around Southern Saimaa, can be ridden during the Bicycle Ferry Rasti’s traffic season. Rasti also transports some summer days from Sarviniemi to Puumala Lintusalo, to Ilkonsaari island and to Ruuhonsaari island. Be sure to buy tickets for Rasti on time!

Head to Lake Saimaa!

Hiker and boater instructons

Wherever and however you go on an excursion, remember that a real hiker cherishes the peace and purity of nature and knows how to take care of his own safety and the safety of others! On this site you will find instructions for moving around in the nature and water, as well as for litter-free hiking and for using saunas in some excursion spots.

Hiker instructions Boater instructions

South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas

This webpage is produced by the South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas that organizes camping facilities and nature tourism services in South Karelia.


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